Alsenet SA is a Swiss company specialised in Free Software & Open Hardware technologies. Our profound knowledge and long-term experience in Free Software & Open Hardware development and business models allow us to develop technological solutions to meet the highest professional requirements.

Due to our extensive experience and worldwide network of international experts, we implement our projects with great rigour and professionalism. We are experts in Free Software technology and we promote sustainable development and ethical solutions with high added value.

Since 1999, specialized IT service provider, with the emphasis on BIG data & stereo-photogrammetry and 3D-metric environment digitizing. Our licensing and business model enable our customers to regain control of their data and further, their sovereign digital territory.

– World class expertise in Free Software & Open Hardware licensing models
– Advanced GNU/Linux server, desktop & embedded mastering and administration
– Image, photogrammetry, IP video & processing
– Linux high performance OS, application & storage virtualization
– TCP/IP network administration and security (Firewall, IPv4, IPv6, VPN, network load balancing)
– GNU/Linux security hardening
– Hardware and software troubleshooting for servers and embedded systems
– Development of logistics of complex migrations to Free Software environments